First time cutting your own farm grown Christmas tree?   (or 10th time but never thought of this!)

Here are a few tips you might find useful…

1) Get us to bale your tree at the farm.   For only $2.00 we will run your tree through our tree baler which will make it soo much easier to tie to your car but more importantly easier to carry into the house.   You just know it – you’ve got to get the biggest, baddest tree in the fields when you come out (just cause you can)…   Getting it through the door by yourself because everyone else scattered?   Easy as you please when tied – the tree is not heavy it’s simply awkward when it’s all branched out.    See step #3 before cutting those strings!






2) Give your tree a shakeup using our Shakie!   Our friendly staff are happy to help or you can “do it yourself” – simply put the base of the tree in the shaker and turn on the wall switch – you’ll be amazed how many needles fall from the inside that normally might fall out on your floor!

Little-Shakee-temp-03 (1)

3)  Make sure the cut is square.   It’s hard to get the tree to stand up straight if the cut is angled because you couldn’t reach properly in the field – besides its good to have a nice fresh cut on the wood (if it’s older than an hour or two) so get out that handsaw and give it a nice fresh and straight cut!

4) Install the tree stand before you untie the tree.    Yes I know, the kids are jumping up and down waiting for you to cut those strings allowing the tree to pop back out to it’s full glory, BUT – it’s so much easier to get the tree stand properly positioned when the tree is on it’s side with the branches tied back.   Tighten it on, stand up the tree, adjust till it’s nice and straight and then let the kids at those strings with their waiting scissors!

Christmas tree farm

5) Water, Water, Water!   Your tree stand should hold at least a gallon of water and your live tree is sort of like a cut flower – it loves water!   (No additives needed) Just never let it dry out and keep the tree away from heat registers and it will last and last!

6)   Install a ceiling hook.   (No not to hang your tree upside down:)   If you are going to be putting your tree in the same spot year after year you might think about installing a permanent ceiling hook.   You can then use a piece of thin wire (barely visible) to connect the tree to the hook preventing Sammy the Cat from tipping over your newly decorated tree when Rover chases her around the tree with excitement!

Now that you are all Pro’s we’ll see you soon down at the farm, the hot chocolate is on and your perfect tree awaits!!!

Let us know on facebook if you have any questions at all!





Install tips for fresh tree converts!